John Mayer’s New Music Video Proves Not Trying Works

Im not sure if John Mayer is trying to seem like hes not trying or if he’s genuinely not trying, but either way Im sold.

This man just made a music video for his most recent drop, “New Light,” from a low-grade film production company that produces Bar mitzvah videos for local Jewish adolescents. True story.


How much damn swag can John Mayer fit into one video? He looks like he just hopped out of bed, ripped pajama pants and all, yet still seems as smooth as Al Green. Honest to God, I feel like no one has capitalized in the aftermath of their superstardom like JM.

We usually see artists on the outskirts of their career try way too hard to stay relevant, more so creating this college Alumni weekend vibe, where the 35-year-old is wearing his frat letters doing keg stands, trying to impress freshman girls that his beer gut and thong sandals are sexy. Nah.

How many times have we seen artists try and comeback just to fall flat on their face. Remember Ma$e’s comeback? Me neither.

Mayer, through random social media posts and antics, has separated himself from John Mayer the artist, and has us now appreciating John Mayer the person.

He seems to just be having fun and making music, its a much less pushy vibe as opposed to having to hear Fat Joe invade your stereo waves as your force fed All The Way Up for the 1000th time. That whole shit made me feel like he needed some money and forced a hit. Mayers just kind of making music and sharing it, or not even trying to have it shared.

Screen Shot 2018-05-27 at 7.30.46 AM

Mayer hasn’t adapted his style or sounds to new trends, something far too many older artists try to do, instead he has stayed true to himself and his sound. Its always nice to see someone make it out of the famous spotlight seemingly sane and happy. Cheers to you John, the song is a great listen, and this visual has brought it into “New Light.”

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