Nobody Asked Me, But…Season 2, Episode 1

Did you miss me? Did you? Well if you didn’t, you have to admit you’ve at least missed this beautiful, summery weather, which happens to be the key ingredient for a successful episode of our series, “Nobody Asked Me, But…”

For our Season 2 debut, we took a ride down to Chatham, NY to check out a local brewery conveniently named…Chatham Brewing. As you might remember, the #1 criteria for NAMB is that I must be sitting on some sort of outdoor patio, and Chatham Brewing checked that box in an instant, but to top it off had some great craft beer (Jack and I tried a Mexican lime flavor and it was prettttttttty good) and a cool, cozy vibe inside and out.

I was prepared with dozens and dozens of hot takes to start the season, but of course we only have one minute each week to dish out all the things I’m thinking in my head and somehow still brave enough to tell an audience on camera.

So, dive into episode 1 below and stay tuned for more to come! “Nobody Asked Me, But…” premieres every Monday at 8PM on Two Buttons Deep’s Facebook and Instagram. And if you have some hot takes on your own or suggestions for what Capital Region patio we should hit up next, slide into our DMs, people.

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