Oh My God! Arrested Development is Back on Netflix

Today marks a huge day for television and comedy fans. Itís a day where we can rejoice and binge watch a series thatís been around since 2003. Iím freakin’ pumped.

Arrested Development originally aired on Fox in 2003 and lasted three seasons until it was canceled in 2006.

The show was slotted on Sunday nights and wasnít ever really appreciated by the general public. The witty slapstick comedy captivated a cult-like following, but never garnered the attention it deserved.

That is until a thing called the internet let an untapped audience binge-watch the series after the fact and fans couldnít get enough.


True fans reaction to the initial cancellation of the show.

According to the Nielsen ratings, when Arrested Development first came out it was the 120th most popular show in American households. There were 22 episodes in the first season, got cut to 18 in the second and was reduced to 13 in its third and final season on Fox. The ratings never came around and Arrested Development was never really given a chance. Fox tried to give the show a shot in the arm when they moved their time slot to Mondays at 8 pm. They had less ratings after the move and the major network pulled the show from the November sweeper lineup.

In its series finale, Fox aired the remaining four episodes of the third season during the opening ceremonies of the 2006 Winter Olympics. That was the final nail in the coffin and the show was then dropped.

In 2011 Netflix, who offered Arrested Development though its streaming services, decided to pick the show back up and a fourth season. It aired in 2013 and was also recut into a different format. They saw that the show was gaining traction and was growing despite being off the air for five years. The comedy found a home and was getting a lot of attention. It had people wondering why the hell they didnít watch the show in the first place.

If you’ve never seen the show boy do I envy you. That means you can just veg out for a few days, sink into your couch and witness true greatness. The dysfunction hits levels that you didn’t know were possible.

Today the 5th season was released and Iím super excited to see what kind of trouble the Bluth family gets into this time. From Joelís forget-me-nows to Tobias and his never nude syndrome this show has the perfect blend of a well written script and a fart joke like comedy. I will check back in and give my review once I leave my couch, but Iím just going to say I expect nothing less than greatness.

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