Smash Mouth is Headlining Albany’s 4th of July Event and I’m Gonna Go For One Reason


Price Chopper and Market 32 are proud to present New York Stateís 4th of July Celebration featuring classic, multi-platinum pop stars Smash Mouth, officially reunited for the first time in nearly a decade. More music from local favorite Moriah Formica of The Voice. Plus, fun for the kids like the Price Chopper hopper, dozens of vendors, and the most exciting, patriotic fireworks display in Upstate New York! Spend your 4th and your Summer AT THE PLAZA, a Capital Region tradition since 1976!

Ok first of all, this is fake news. Smash Mouth has definitely been together in the past decade considering they released new albums in both 2012 and 2016. Maybe that’s a nod to how much people don’t care about them, but they’ve definitely been a thing. A very long-winded, “wow they’re old now,” thing. And who can forget their on-stage meltdown in 2015?

On June 14, 2015, Smash Mouth was playing a set at the Taste of Fort Collins food festival in†Fort Collins, Colorado, when Steve Harwell broke from his set and went into an angry three-minute, expletive-laden tirade, threatening to beat the audience members responsible for hitting him with bread. The band played the opening chords of “All Star” throughout a significant portion of Harwell’s rant.

See? That’s the reason Smash Mouth is still around, they know what the people want, and it’s not new music. It’s their 1999 hit of the century, All-Star. It doesn’t even matter if the lead singer is threatening the whole establishment because of bread, give me that intro and the whole world goes into a trance.


All-Star is one of the few songs that can captivate an entire audience. It’s the first song I ever knew every single word to and one of the few I can recite no matter how much time has passed between listens. I want to be buried to this song, and even more, I need to see it live in Albany on July 4th.†

I first listen to it on CD, then the radio, then iTunes, but nothing can encompass the power of live music. I am going to go all buttons deep at this event and demand one thing, they play nothing but All-Star. Yeah maybe they do have others songs but that’s not what people want. We want All-Star all the time, or I swear to god, there will be bread.†

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