“Starbuck Island” is Coincidentally the Most Basic, Commercial Name for Green Island’s New Basic, Commercial Property

Listen, you guys know I am Troy/Upstate NY’s biggest fan. Not even just me, we! We here at Two Buttons Deep believe in the potential of the 518 and beyond, and are doing our part (by capturing our ridiculousness on camera for your entertainment), to make the footprint of this area bigger, better, funnier, cooler, etc.

One of the best parts of living in this part of the state is seeing all of the new economic development –from local businesses opening up and watching new real estate projects come to life in some of the most up-and-coming areas.

For the most part, a lot of the really good stuff has to do with local —local people (or NYC transplants), historic downtown areas and buildings, homegrown ideas (AKA not a chain)…you get the idea.

So, when I saw the construction tape and bulldozers across the river from Troy in the very nearby Green Island, my hopes were high that the next big thing was coming.

But instead, we’re getting Starbuck Island.


Photo: As seen on loopnet.com

Starbuck Island is going to be a mixed-use space with luxury apartments and commercial space underneath. It’s a very templated development project that we’ve seen pop up in other parts of the Capital Region like Malta, Clifton Park, Loudonville, etc. and of course it works quite well.

We’ve got a lot of jobs in the Capital Region for people, excellent school districts and a lot more cool stuff coming our way in terms of leisure and entertainment. So why am I complaining? Well, the name sounds like EXACTLY what it is going to be –expensive, cookie-cutter apartments with a Starbucks on the bottom level. There’s probably like a 85 percent chance there will be a Starbucks on Starbuck Island, right?


At first, I totally judged the name because, like, couldn’t we be a little more creative? But, as all good internet journalists do (I’m using journalist lightly so don’t worry haters), I did some research to find out Starbuck Island already existed.

Via: villageofgreenisland.com:

The Village of Green Island is comprised of three distinct islands – Green Island (the main residential and industrial section), Center Island (known as Starbuck Island in the 1800’s, now a residential part of the village) and McGill Island, which is near Center Island. 

OK, OK, I’ll back down a little bit now. I’m glad the development project is giving a shout out to some local Green Island history and honoring good ol’ Starbuck Island from 1800. But, it doesn’t change the nature of the project being a commercial hotspot which I’m sure some people are far more against than I am.

So, here are some pros for Starbuck Island, now that we’ve gotten the whole name situation sorted out:

We kind of do need a Starbucks that’s not on Hoosick Street


There are no set plans to actually build a Starbucks (to my knowledge), but Troy/Green Island could use one more chain coffee shop besides Dunkin’ Donuts since I know not everyone is a fan of DD. Personally, it’s great to support the local shops, but there are some days where you just need a drive-thru and your regular drink.

It’s better to have a view from Troy of something than nothing

Yeah, people will complain about what should go on Starbuck Island instead of apartments and retail, but last time we tried that look what happened? We ended up with an empty, disgusting parking lot instead of a big, beautiful movie theater.


The view across the river is currently…dirt, and anyone with a brain would agree it’d be nice to see something on the other side, especially something that is going to bring people to the city.

Are there any other pros? I’m sure there’s a bunch, but those are my big two for bringing Starbuck Island back to life. TBH, I’m just glad the name doesn’t mean what I thought it was going to mean.

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