Hot Take: The Pusha T and Drake Beef is Just Another Pop Culture Distraction From Actual Reality

When I came into work this week, everyone was talking about the Pusha T track “The Story of Adonin,” on his newly released album DAYTONA. Specifically, the conversation was about the fact that Pusha T put Canadian rap star artist, Drake, on blast.

Here’s the song:

The ‘diss track’ by the former Clipse member references Drake’s baby mama, how he’s hiding her and their baby boy from public acknowledgement, and that his motive behind all this was to drop this information for the aide of a sneaker collaboration with Kanye West and Adidas titled “Adidon.”

It also features a photo on the cover of Drake in blackface.  Pusha T went even further during an interview with The Breakfast Club, stating, “Who rolls out their child with a sweatsuit? Get outta here…”

Then, of course, Drake fired back with a diss track back and the celebrity rap star drama continues, with a decent amount of people keeping eyes back and forth on either rapper like a tennis match.

Drake’s diss back:

But here’s my hot take: I could give two shits.

Pusha-T has struggled to stay relevant since going solo after Clipse disbanded, so the timing on this for him is a risk he needed to take for his career. There’s no better target than Drake, who has had his share of beefs, most notably with Philly rapper Meek Mill.

But this whole situation screams ‘reality TV pop culture’ that distracts us from actually relevant issues in society. The people who do care about this are the same people who was hours watching “The Bachelor” or “Love & Hip Hop” investing in lives that aren’t even relevant to their own.

I’m sure their are already tweets about light-skinned dudes being trash and references to #HurtBae. This isn’t old news –Drake got his big break being an actor on DeGrassi and has been known to use ghostwriters on his music. So what if he ghosted on his baby mama and their child? That’s their business. Gimme a break like a KitKat….


I would not be shocked if Pusha T’s allegations towards Drake are true. The OVO brand has grown immensely and Drake is always posted up at the Air Canada Center supporting his Toronto Raptors. There’s no better plot twist to spark interest than Mainstream Hip-Hop’s ‘sensitive good guy’ leaving a child unclaimed and its mother in the dark from the public eye to keep his reputation the way it is (or was).

The main point to this, though, is that given the turmoil going on in society that is actually affecting human lives, the beef between these two rappers has more of our attention along with the ‘Roseanne’ fiasco. But unlike the latter, you can’t even try to blame it on the Ambien. It’s cognitive dissonance.

We gotta wake up and focus on the issues that are driving our generation further apart than they already are.

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