National Doughnut Day: Albany’s Cider Belly Express Will Dish Sweet Treats at an Intersection Near You

Okay, guys, real quick here, because time is of the essence, and donuts are at stake, so every second counts. These aren’t just any doughnuts we’re talking about either, they’re my favorite kind: apple cider doughnuts.

In case you’re not aware, today’s a double whammy because it’s the first official Friday of summer, and it’s National Doughnut Day.

Actually, after typing that, I realize it’s an odd time of year to promote doughnuts, when the entire country/hemisphere is trying to achieve/maintain summer bods, so maybe we should schedule this pairing a few months from now? Then again, doughnut sales are probably historically low all spring because the regular doughnutphiles take it easy in preparation for summer body status (a willpower I’ll never know), so National Doughnut Day is probably just a pseudonym for the Dunkin’ Stimulus Plan: get the people excited about doughnuts again for a day at the start of summer, forgetting all about their macros and carbs, and watch the sales (and blood sugar) spike. Where do I sign up?

While many tasty outlets  in the 518 are offering up frosted freebies, I thought I’d shine a sugar coated spotlight on a sweet trick up Albany’s favorite apple cider doughnut shop’s sleeve. Cider Belly Donuts is hopping on the free doughnut train today, but they’re not going to give those sugary rings away without asking you to step up your sleuthing game and keep your eyes peeled.

First of all, if their pimped out cider-doughnut-hued Fiat isn’t a magnificent sight for sore eyes, The Cider Belly Express will be on-the-go this morning, handing out donuts to commuters and pedestrians throughout the Capital Region. Between the hours of 7:30-9:30 am, the donut mobile will be stopping at random intersections throughout the Tri City area, with some clues hashtagged in their Instagram post. The stops will be quick, so if you snooze, you loose. Also, if the TODAY show isn’t your thing, tune into Spectrum News between 7-9am for some clues and updates, too.

Here’s the fine print from the Cider Belly Instagram post:

Tomorrow is national doughnut Day! That means FREE DOUGHNUTS!!!! But we are not gonna make it that easy for you. You will have several options to score free donuts…. (1) Between 7:30-9:30 the Cider Belly Express will be stopping at random Intersections around the Tri-Cities to hand out doughnuts to commuters and pedestrians. Each stop will only last a few minutes, so you will have to be quick. Times will be posted on our social media and on Spectrum News between 7-9am. (2) the first dozen customers who patronize certain local businesses we love will receive a free SugarDaddy (some clues below). (3) we will be giving away free doughnuts somewhere in downtown tomorrow… but where and when???? Stay tuned to find out. Your clue to places we may be???? local small businesses that we love and partner with. Hmmmm???? More details early tomorrow morning. Your first clues in the bottom few hashtags #theearlybirdgetsthedonut #yousnoozeyouloose #funfriday #fridayfreebies #followthesugarbellyroad #sudsysoap #phsychedelic #soulfood #notbowling #polkayourpantsoff #boutique #stuffedfrenchtoast

I can sleuth with the best of ’em, and based on the clues my money’s on a stop being made in Troy near Psychedelicatessen in on River Street, but tbh, I can’t figure out the other rendezvous points. Fear not, because Cider Belly promised more clues this morning, so creep their Instagram account for a new post!

Let us know if you get ambushed by the Cider Belly’s Doughnut Patrol!

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