Soft Serve Review: Super Premium Ice Cream (Washington D.C.)

This summer Iím hitting up all the popular soft serve joints around Upstate, New York, and sometimes the whole east coast.†I judge the small twists with three crucial categories of criteria:†the size, durability, and taste. With that Iíll give you a bulletproof score of 1-10, so you can know which joints are good and which ones are phony.

I did a special review down in D.C. during the best weekend to be in D.C: Memorial Day Weekend. The city is thriving with patriotism, and the Caps had just gone to the Finals so the town was rowdy. This was a perfect storm for a good ice cream review except for one thing, the city has no god damn soft serve. Maybe soft serve is primarily an upstate thing? It actually took us multiple trips calls and failures to find a place that sold legitimate soft serve. After soft-hard, nitrogen infused and all sorts of soft-serve alternatives, we finally found a spot that served good old fashioned soft serve as we know it. We don’t stray from the rules here, not once not ever. But we found what we were looking for at a place called “Super Premium Ice Cream” and yeah I’m pretty sure this place was just a cover.

P.S. the video quality sucks and I know but this has waited long enough and I don’t really care.




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