518 Cult Alert: Common Sense Farm in Cambridge Busted for Child Labor as a Part of the Twelve Tribes Community

Well, we kick off this lovely humpday with some strange breaking news as reported by Spectrum News Albany:

Cambridge Mayor Carmen Bogle was among those disturbed by an “Inside Edition” hidden camera investigation alleging child labor violations at the Twelve Tribes community located within in the small Washington County village.

“Anything pertaining to children is disheartening but you know, behind closed doors, we don’t know what goes on,” Bogle said on Tuesday.

In the footage, which aired on national TV Friday, children as young as six are seen inside a soap factory at the Common Sense Farm that the small religious group operates and lives on. Another clip shows a young boy appearing to struggle with a wheelbarrow.

On Monday, the New York State Department of Labor launched an investigation.

Another day, another cult. Earlier this year, the 518 was shocked to find out that a sex cult called NXIVM was in our backyard of Clifton Park. The NXIVM cult branded and abused women and now, their leader is facing sex-trafficking charges as a result of years of bizarre behavior operating as an “executive success program” in this area for decades.

As if that cult news wasnít enough, about 33 miles away there’s been another cult operating at the Common Sense Farm, a part of the Twelve Tribes Community. If you havenít heard of the Twelve Tribes, get a load of this (via WNYT):

“If I explain to you what it’s like to watch a diaper get pulled off of a six month old baby so that it can be beaten with a rod until it’s welts, it’s covered in welts and bruises,” Shuah Jones explained.

Jones was 15 years old when she escaped the Twelve Tribes in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Her father is one of the three founders of the controversial religious sect where she describes children being force fed caffeine stimulants in order to work long hours through the night in a factory packaging beauty products.

“I was six or seven years old and I was sitting on a stool because I couldn’t reach the factory line and I remember the giant vats,” she said.

Tuesday, the Department of Labor issued multiple violations involving twelve†minors at work at the “Common Sense Farm” in Cambridge.

WHAT THE F IS GOING ON HERE?! Bad. Bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad. These people are forcing 7-year-olds to do manual labor when the only thing a 7-year-old should be focused on is what kind of Capri Sun they want for the afternoon.


Survivor speaks out to WNYT News Channel 13 (Photo: WNYT)

Can you imagine being 7 and having to do this shit? When I was 7, I was playing Little League, watching Rugrats and hanging with my buds. I can tell you something I wasnít doing and that is ANY sort of manual labor. Hell, I donít particularly like working now and Iím in my mid twenties.

Where do we go from here? Iím not really sure. Am I the only one who thought there was ZERO chance of there being any cults around here? I definitely donít like being surrounded by cults in the 518 so maybe we figure that out. Spread the word, raise some awareness of some the real shady shit going on. HUGE piece of advice: Say no.


Anybody knocks on your door offering you some sort of great life, say no thanks I can do that myself. Do you find cults interesting? Cool, go buy FarCry5 or go on Netflix. The last thing you want to be wrapped into is any sort of cult like experience. Unless your Creed, Creed loves cults.


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  1. Joellen Griffin

    As a parent, having my children work out in the garden with me, or the boys work in their dad’s workshop with him I personally view as healthy. What the Twelve Tribes does with the kids, may or may not include the parents, and parents nor children get paid. What the Twelve Tribes does not do is take care of those that do the work. The Twelve Tribes also does not balance life with education and recreation. The kids may work during “school hours”., or work late into the night. They are not given a choice, in their upbringing, to explore the possibilities for their life. Therefore if and when they leave they lack the necessary skills to succeed and struggle to find their way.
    My husband and I met and lived there for 21 years. We left for many reasons but a big one was the education of the children was not top priority. Anyway, we have been out for 21 years now, I know some things have changed, mostly they have wised up in how well they lie and cover up the truth about themselves. My name is Joellen Griffin, we got out, with 6 children, and enjoy life as a family now.


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