So Long, IHOP: Popular Breakfast Chain Announces Name Change to “IHOb”

The International House of Pancakes, better known has IHOP, made the shocking announcement yesterday that on June 11th, they will flip the P to a B and change their moniker to IHOb, AKA The International House of…B something.


The restaurant chain has been around for 60 years, and of course they do more than just make amazing pancakes. But to change your name to the International House of B… puts the restaurant in more of a bind than you’d believe. I mean, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it am I right?

There has never been one time that I have eaten at IHOP and not ordered pancakes. It’s their calling card and what they are known for best, not their breakfast as a whole. Sure, their hash browns are smack, but i’m not there for the sausage, bacon or ham that come with over-medium or scrambled eggs.

I’m there for a heartwarming stack of Hot Cakes that I can saturate with Blueberry syrup and devour. They make a Smokehouse breakfast, but they don’t make a Swedish Breakfast, or English Breakfast, or Irish Breakfast. Therefore, they are not the International House of Breakfast.


So why are they changing their name? Do they really feel that big of a need to compete with Denny’s or Jimmy’s Egg? Who orders crepes and waffles more than pancakes when they go to IHOP?

These were all things that they should have thought about before taking one of the catchiest names in chain restaurant history and making it corny and generic. I better expect an ‘All You Can Eat Breakfast’ that includes bacon, biscuits, blueberries and every other breakfast food that starts with a B. And Pancakes. Don’t forget about the pancakes cause you flipped that P to a B in your name. Better yet, they should introduce international beers and turn it into the International House of Brunch.

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There are endless possibilities for the new-and-improved IHOB, but can they live up the expectations they have now set for themselves? Only time will tell.

In the meantime, let’s fight over what the B in IHOB will stand for until it rolls out June 11th and they officially announce what the new name change means. Take your guesses now and don’t forget, always choose the pancakes.

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