The Future of Comedy is Hopeful With Theo Von

Theo Von is the comedian this generation has been needing and wanting for some time now. Finally, an unapologetic, honest speaking young man who is simply and sincerely searching for laughs.


Von is taking risks and showing critical self awareness during his verbal evaluations of his own perspective via his new podcast, “This Past Weekend,” finding his way as he goes. Through this outlet, Von has created a community of honesty –allowing listeners to call and challenge his views or ask him for advice.

For real, you can call this man’s hotline up, leave a voice message and possibly hear your questions or critiques be responded to by Von himself. Try it, just call 985-664-9503.

He gives advice on an array of topics, but due to his content and personal story, Von openly discusses his views and particular situations that deal with sobriety, mental health, emotional struggles, race, sex, and almost anything every other mainstream entertainer either tip toes around or doesn’t mention at all.

I first game across Von on Joey Diaz’s “The Church of What’s Happening Now” podcast, and being that Von was taken in by Uncle Joey himself, I was sure that this man was a real one.

Von is a relatively young comedian (39, which is young in the world of stand up comedy), from Louisiana with a distinct accent and way with words. His delivery of the English language is beyond far out, and would take a casual comedy fan quite some time to grasp.

The crazy thing about him is you have you to be on your toes to decipher his content and delivery, and I personally have never found myself more engaged and entertained by someone speaking aloud on a tangent.

Listening to this man speak is like learning a new language, and I am now accustomed to the infinite uses and descriptions of the phrase, “get that hitter.” You simply need to tune into Theo Von to appreciate his brilliance.

And Von isn’t merely a joke writer, which is something people are far too commonly mistake for comedians, he is actually funny man. You can not be funny and write a good joke automatically; joke writing is a skill, whereas truly being funny means you encompass all components of laughter. Demeanor and physicality play into this, but nothing does more so than CHARISMA. Who else do you know that could shamelessly rock a mullet today?

He is honest and speaks on what most only think about, and this is why his podcast has already hit the top 10 Apple podcast charts with only 100 episodes. Von is quickly gaining ground in the comedy world and he’s someone we should embrace if we’re to keep the process of comedy authentic.

Comedy is about taking risks and saying controversial shit. Obviously there are some things you just don’t say, but for comedians trying to provoke the act of laughter, there aren’t as many.

The realm of attempts to tackle controversial topics should never be limited, or we are doomed for a fate of Orwellian censorship. Von has been able run across eggshells most tip toe on, due to him outwardly embracing public critique and his openness to to possibilities his views and ideas could be wrong. This is simply a man being real, and its something we needed.

Check out the podcast here:

And, you can watch Theo Von’s most recent special “ No Offense” on Netflix out now.

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