Bourdain’s Death is a Reminder to Check Up On Those We Care About

Man, the news of Anthony Bourdain passing away at age 61 is tough to hear today. I remember watching him as a kid on No Reservations, amazed and in awe at the array of cultures and cuisines he would explore. Infatuated with this bad ass chef, I would often use his episodes and narration as an escape from the present moment. He seemed to be living the life, traveling from one place to the next and making everything out of the present moment.


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Whenever someone we look up to goes out this way, it shakes you at your core. This man had the life, why would he want to end it? Why?

ďWhy?Ē is an ever occurring theme when it comes to suicide. It always comes as a shock to everyone, and there is always that feeling of what you couldíve done to help. Unfortunately, time stops for no human being, and we must acknowledge that although we cannot change the past we can indeed impact the future.

This is another all too common reminder that fortune cannot bring happiness. Iím sure it helps, and everyone would love to rid their demons with a bag of money, but it never will solve the root of the issue. Mental illness effects humans of every walk of life, religion, monetary status, and race.

We tend to seek external forces for happiness, when itís the internal forces that must be controlled before any true happiness is found or experienced. Itís being happy before achieving the goals or making the money society tells us we need to obtain happiness.


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I could go on and on about the life of a man like Bourdain, but there will be plenty of that, and that is not what this article is for. This is being written as a heartfelt reminder to check in on the well-being of our family members and peers. This is being written to talk to that person youíve noticed has become distant, check in on a friend you expectantly havenít heard from.

This is being written to encourage others to consciously put their problems on a shelf for a minute and check on the struggles of those around them. This is being written to encourage someone who is battling dark forces to seek help, just making the effort to find that help is one of the most courageous things a person can do.

It’s easy to understand that someone who would even consider removing themselves from the earth could be experiences feelings of weakness, but truth be told, the strongest people breathing are those who overcame their demons by conscientiously seeking help.

There are stories of people down and out, lost and lonely, who decided to keep pushing simply because a stranger smiled or acknowledged their presence. Small acts of kindness can hit the core of oneís soul, so something as simple as a phone call or text asking if someone is OK should not be overlooked.

The power of, ďAre you OK?Ē cannot be encompassed in words. It cannot be measured with data, itís an act of empathy that can restore hope in anyone. Do not underestimate your own power to impact the lives of others.

The lesson here is you have to do what you can to hold your people down, check up on those you love and care about.

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