Fan Goes TOFTB to Celebrate Ovechkin’s First Stanley Cup Victory

Sports!!!!!! People love sports, right? Sports make people unnecessarily emotional and crazy sometimes, especially when a legend like Alexander Ovechkin wins his first Stanley Cup for the Washington Capitals.

So, in true sports fan fashion, one woman did apparently what she thought would be most appropriate to congratulate Ovechkin on a job well done: she flashed him and the rest of the world watching the big celebration on national television.

My goodness! This is a BOLD strategy to get yourself some attention when all the attention should be on the team that’s cellying so hard at a 4-1 series victory over the first-year NHL team, the Las Vegas Golden Knights who could’ve won the Cup their first time around the block.


But nope, this girl is partying it up, lifting down her dress and pressing those baddies against the glass for the world to see. I honestly don’t know if I love this or hate it. I mean, is it tasteless? Yes, for sure. But, I think we’re just a little too afraid of female nips these days (I mean, ease up, Instagram), and there’s really no better way to get away with something than just going all out when there’s so much excitement in the room you might not actually get caught immediately.

Was this gal flashing the audience the greatest moment of the night? ABSOLUTELY NOT, it’s just funny and obviously will get its 15 minutes of fame with the more risquť media outlets. The real story is about how there are no losers here in the Stanley Cup final that kept us all entertained –-I heard a lot of people say they couldn’t decide which team they wanted to win more, between the Ovechkin storyline and everyone wanting him to finally get the victory he deserves, or to see a first-year team win the big prize in their inaugural season.

So, hey girls just want to have fun! I am in no way offended by this move. It’s just so ridiculous to see the contrast between this celebratory moment and then one that was truly amazing –the video of the dad with his son on his shoulders cheering with the most pure, innocent excitement that only a very lucky sports fan will ever get to experience.

So, if the nips offend you and you need some lighter sports fan news, watch the video of the kid. You’ll feel better.

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  1. brett

    is the image of the woman flashing copyrighted? i want to make a t shirt with this image.


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