Nobody is Having a Worse Day Than Auburn’s Right Fielder Steven Williams

Florida and Auburn were tied in extra innings last night battling for a trip to the College World Series. Florida is the defending champions and Auburn wasn’t pulling any swings as they approached the bottom of the 11th inning. Then this happened:

Absolutely awful. Freshman Steven Williams boinked the ball over the fence and sent Florida to the championship. That’s gotta be the most humiliating thing to do to your ball club and probably something that will shake him from his sleep until he’s too old to remember.

I want to feel bad for the kid, but then I think about the seniors who just watched their hopes and dreams of the college world series be eaten by the gators after their rookie outfielder assisted the ball over the fence, and I get mad for them. He would’ve been better off dropping it but nope, physics had other plans.

The home run went off the glove of Auburn right fielder Steven Williams and over the fence to result in an instant dogpile celebration for the defending national champions. In the same moment, Auburn teammates slowly poured out of the dugout to embrace the freshman outfielder following the game-ending play.

“I think that was a good definition of the ballclub,” Thompson said. “Instead of saying words, you kind of see it in action. It won’t define (Williams). It’ll be part of his journey.”

Maybe it’s part of his journey, but he’s definitely still having a really bad day.

And if you feel like you’ve seen this before, you have:

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