New York’s Own Petty Poop Protester Loses Battle in Court over Goose Poop on His Lawn

Tom Golisano.

If there’s anyone that would vote yes on population control it’s this man.

Tommy boy has just lost a lawsuit to the city of Rochester wherein he wanted fiscal compensation for the amount of geese shit on his lawn. He was even holding back $90,000 in school taxes trying to prove his point and get his way.

How ya gonna do that to the children Mr. Golisano? You’re going to take away Timmy’s 4 oz. Sunkist orange juice in the morning just because you got a little problem with poo? When did your poo become the people’s problem?

This is no joke, no hoax, dead serious.

The audacity of this man ranks with the highest, and his savagery is felt with every dropout, pebble, and log dropped by the honorable goose/geese of the Rochester, NY area.


I really don’t get this man, it’s like, you’re a billionaire my guy? (He’s the founder of the well-known payroll company Paychex). Why not hire a diligent lawn service of locals to pick up the poop? Why not buy a couple of dogs, support some good boys, ya know?

Couple Australian shepherds who’d spend the day chasing geese off your prestige premises? THEY’D LOVE THEIR LIFE. You could’ve made this into a positive situation. There were so many alternatives for you bruh. This is a terrible look.

You’re a BILLIONAIRE, and you want the city you live in to pay up for what geese put down? No bueno. You want to take money away from reconstructing roads, funding school supplies to children, and programs that feed the homeless, just because your Tom Fords caught a little green smudge action? No bueno.

You knew damn well Upstate New York had geese and during the summers they pressed out them pebbles every golfer avoids on his way to the green. You knew damn well these winged fertilizers wreaked havoc on their native landscapes. YOU SIR were merely a guest, do better.

And how about this fun fact?

Goose manure is about 77% water and has a fertilizing value of about 2-4-2 when dried. … Of course, goose poop is a bit too strong to apply directly to your plants, but you can either add it to your compost pile for a dose of nitrogen or mix with mulch for a spring boost around perennials.” 

Would you look at that? You could’ve created a compost to flourish gardens to feed your cities people, especially the children, as opposed to taking funds to starve them.

giphy (1)

Instead Tommy, you will go down in history as the petty poop protester who lost a ridiculous lawsuit. Now you’re Petty Tom, mad because the poo wouldn’t break down. You dug this grave Tommy, and the geese filled it. Do better.

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