Genius or Heinous? Florida Man Chugs Beer During DUI Stop

(NYP) BIG COPPITT KEY, Fla. — Authorities say a 48-year-old Florida man raised a can of beer and chugged it after a sheriff’s deputy stopped him on suspicion of drunk driving.

Daryl Royal Riedel told Monroe County Sheriff’s investigators he was scared when he fled in his pickup truck as Deputy Anthony Lopez stepped out of his patrol car Thursday. Riedel drove for a short distance before stopping.

daryl riedel

There’s nothing good about DUI’s, that’s not news. But they happen, a lot. Over 1 million DUI arrests have been warranted in each year in recent years here in America. We all know there are plenty of ways to avoid DUIs, like Uber, crashing at your buddies place or what we’ll call the Royal Riedel, chugging beer while fielding a sobriety test.


I heard this story on radio and at first I thought chugging beer at a sobriety stop seems like throwing gas on the fire, but then I was thinking, could this be legal dodge of an arrest? Yeah, your blood alcohol content is above .08, but is it because of the beer he just drank when the car was in park? Is that arguable in court? And will this be the new trend of just ripping shots or smoking pots in the officers face hoping for the L of a open container violation rather than impaired vehicle operation? Where does the line of legality lie in this instance?

Welp, apparently not in the patrons favor as Riedel is currently in jail without bond…It doesn’t help that he’s had three DUIs in the past 10 years and had an expired license. So that’s a him problem.

But I gotta say I could see where this move could be perceived as genius to someone who is many buttons deep, but it’s definitely a no-go in the real world, it’s 100% heinous. Probably definitely one of the dumber things you could do in this world. Also this is definitely why I’d never make it as a lawyer.

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