Nobody Asked Me, But…Season 2, Episode 4

Introducing…the first video ever posted to the internet of a girl wearing a bathing suit! Can you believe it? Nobody asked me, but I can’t quite wrap my head around the backlash this silly little video got in less than 12 hours of posting it. People who live past Exit 16 are, you guessed it, offended by a joke we made (technically it was Jack, more on that later) and in turn, these people probably do not enjoy jokes of any kind from comedians, talk show hosts, sitcom stars, etc. Sad!

Luckily for us, that’s the point. Love it or hate it, we’re an entertainment website that makes jokes in a lighthearted way for people to either agree with or want to troll us until the end of time. Doesn’t matter to us.

I’m not going to apologize for not wearing a turtleneck at my friend’s lake house in the middle of summer. We don’t sit around at meetings trying to figure out what I should wear to get more views or how we can offend soft AF people of the internet who want to see our site burn to the ground. It’s actually rude for people to assume that, but whatever.†This is Two Buttons Deep, and we create stuff worth talking about. And we got ya talkin’ with this one.

Check out Season 2, Episode 4 below and stay tuned for a new episode every Monday all summer long right here on Two Buttons Deep.

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