Shootin’ My Shot: Will the Today Show Finally Acknowledge Me With the $20K Student Loan Forgiveness Giveaway?

It’s almost comical at this point how many times I have written about or willingly put myself on camera to talk about my love for the Today Show. Despite all the positive press I’ve given the bunch (not like they need it), I have received no formal acknowledgment for my love and efforts aside from a few favorites from Savannah on Twitter.

And of course, giveaway contests definitely aren’t the best way to get recognized after all this, but every attempt counts when you’re trying to score a seat at the table with your favorite news anchors.

So, when I found out the Today Show is giving away $20,000 to help someone pay for college or pay back their student loans, I knew I had to shoot my shot yet again. I’m very open about the fact that I owe a lot in student loans. Like, uh, $90,000.

But guess what? I’m still alive (barely), saving money (not really, have you seen my closet?) and making payments every damn month so I can keep my credit as high as my spirits and maybe (seriously, it’s only a maybe right now) be able to afford a house or a child or a child who will also go to college someday.

Sometimes I get on my soap box about private schools, financial aid, student loans and the whole college thing in general. There are days where I feel like I’m drowning and the $90K feels heavier than the dumbbells they give me at Metabolic Meltdown.


But, more often than not, college can be the key to a better life, and I know for me that Ithaca College was the place I needed to be to get me closer to my life goals. I use that degree every day in my real job, freelance work and extracurriculars; and even though it cost me so much, I do believe at the end of the day, the experience was invaluable. Not priceless (sorry, Mastercard.)

Having said that, it’s still pretty wild that students everywhere have to bear this burden to make our lives better. $20,000 would put a serious dent in what I owe, but I’ll still be on the phone with Sallie Mae ’til I’m like 50. And I even graduated EARLY to make the debt just a tiny bit lower. Sheesh.


This ain’t a pity party, but it’s real life for a lot of us out there. So, shout out to the Today Show for understanding this little crisis so many of us young people are in. Not everyone has help from parents or receives a hella good scholarship or financial aid package. Cough cough, me. Today Show, please pick me.

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