D3: The Mighty Drutherhood Sails to Schenectady as Druthers Brewing Co. Opens at Mohawk Harbor

If you don’t like to press your luck at the casino and going to the theater isnít your thing, eating and drinking is probably going to be the reason you finally make your way to Schenectady. And now that the prospect of having a cold, locally-crafted brewski and some mac and cheese bubbling out of a cast iron skillet has come to life,you‘re out of excuses to avoid the ‘nec.

Thatís right, the good people at Druthers Brewing have answered Schenectadyís waterfront prayers, officially pouring for the public and opening their third Capital Region location tomorrow, Friday, June 22, at Mohawk Harbor.

So, I Double Dare you to venture out to the ‘nec, dine harborside, and enjoy a hazy juicy passion fruit sour, because what gose round, comes around.

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Druthers Schenectady @ Mohawk Harbor | photo: Albany Business Review

I know you might be thinking,The only D3 that matters involved the Mighty Ducks, and even that was a tad disappointing. Why should I go Druthers Schenectady when Saratoga/Albany is my jam?Ҡ

I’m glad you asked: let’s face it, Druthers Saratoga, location numero uno, absolutely kills it –their patio is so crowded all summer long you’d think Triple Crown winner and Saratoga Race Course veteran American Pharaoh was horsing around behind the bar.

And Druthers Albany, ground zero for brewing production, not to mention their dining room focal point fireplace and Cocoa Stout warms even the darkest hearts on the coldest nights.

But the D3: Schenectady is the only Druthers spot where you can enjoy their legendary menu and†some riverside al fresco dining.

Oh yeah, and you can rock on the Mohawk River, too, at Harbor Jam, a Saturday-night concert series that rivals Troy’s Wednesday-night Rockin’ on the River, so feel free to go more than the usual two buttons deep because it’s the weekend.

In addition to keeping the draft lines fresh and staying one step ahead of the loyal Drutherhood, their Master Brewer ensures sure each location’s tap line up pours some house favorites and some beers unique to that specific location, and it’s important to the Executive Chef that the menus also vary slightly from location to location to keep things interesting. “Whaddya mean I can’t get the†Mediterranean†Mac in Saratoga?” Add that to your Schenectady Bucket List.

2BD - Druthers_Schdy menu

Side note: I’m loving the Schenectady specific menu, with its silhouette graphics paying homage to some Electric City landmarks, like GE and it’s famous lightbulb sign, Union College’s Nott Memorial, and the Capital Region’s very own slice of Broadwa, Proctors Theatre. And Druthers, famous for it’s introspective-inspiring quotes didn’t fail us with their harbor analogy – I see what you did there, guys!†

“A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.”

In case you don’t know their M.O., “Druthers pays tribute to those among us who live according to simple truths, take inspired chances, go against the grain, throw themselves all in, and trust karma to pay tribute where and when it is earned and due.” I can drink to that.

Wait, let’s back it up: do you even know what the word, “druthers,” means? If someone said, “If I had my Druthers, I would be Two Buttons Deep all the time,” would you know what the heck he (or she) was talking about? †Fear not, I’m here to help:


Lastly, aside from great beer, epic sunsets, and a killer menu, the most important reason you should visit Druthers Schenectady is to take a first hand look at the tail end of an almost 500 million dollar real estate development project, as Galesi Group, along with countless talented tradesmen and women transformed an otherwise defunct piece of waterfront property into a bonafide destination.

The blood, sweat, tears, and years are compressed into a 5-minute time-lapse video that you can check out here. It’s truly an incredible feat and pretty much created an entirely new neighborhood and place to, “live, work, play,” in Schenectady.

Druthers is joining some other pretty kick ass Electric City brewers, like Mad Jack, Great Flats, and Wolf Hollow, so let’s raise a glass and welcome this new brew on the block.

So, if you had your druthers, where would you go out to eat this weekend?

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