I am HOWLING at These People Who Customized Their Luggage With a Photo of Their Face

Luggage is the worst. It’s expensive, bulky, a pain to carry around the airport and at the end of the trip, sometimes it ends up broken or even worse…lost.

Well, apparently people have tried to curb the whole “lost or stolen items” thing by customizing their luggage with a blown-up photo of their face on it. And I am LOVING IT.


This is such a big mood. Could it be the biggest mood of them all when it comes to traveling in style (or lack of)? I’m a tough critic when it comes to airport etiquette, and if I had known about this sooner, jeesh I would’ve had so much more to say.

But here’s the thing. Is this ridiculous? Yes. But is it practical? Well, maybe. I don’t know how often luggage is actually stolen, but no one is going to walk around a very crowded, public space rolling around with a face behind them that isn’t their own.


And the level of confidence these people must have to rock this look is on a totally new level. Even here on 2BD where we’ve gained a lot of haters and reached a million views all in the same week, I don’t think we’d have the guts to strut down the jet bridge toting one of these bad boys.

Luckily, blowing your face up on a suitcase is not a big investment, so if anyone’s willing to test this out I won’t judge you for blowing your savings on it. The brand Firebox sells these for under $40, so it’s even perfect for a gag gift for your very self-absorbed friend.

I’m sure there’s a very small percentage of people who actually use this, but my goodness I hope I see some next time my flight is delayed and I’m going two buttons deep at an expensive wine bar.


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