My Dog Duke is Officially the Back-To-Back Winner of Troy’s Yappy Hour Dog Show

I’m not here to brag, I’m just here to talk about how awesome my dog Duke it.

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Duke is a Grade-A pup, a real pal and the reason dogs are considered man’s best friend. Loyal as the day is long, he’s been a reason to smile for the past 12 years. He’s not just ridiculously cute and an easy dog to own, he’s also the back to back winner of Troy’s Yappy Hour dog show. His net worth is boomin’ in his senior years and I couldn’t be more proud.

Our good pal Vic Christopher, co-owner of the famed Lucas Confectionary here in Troy, hosts a really cool event every year in benefit of the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society and Joseph’s House. Pups from all around the Capital Region come to compete to see who’s the best of the best in a variety of categories.


Now the reason we need stuff like this is because everyone believes their pup is the best. Have you been on Instagram? Swear to god some people post their dog taking a dump with a caption about how cute they are. It’s something about dogs that make them so lovable, most people like dogs more than they like other people, and I completely understand that.

But you can bark the bark, you can post the most, but can you walk the walk? Yappy Hour is here to find out.

Last year Duke took home best personality AND most talented after a dynamic performance while two buttons deep in a hawaiian shirt. No big deal. So this year he had to come back and defend his title, and he did so with ease (after he took the edge off with quick drink of water.)

Now one may think this trick is easy, catching a treat out of mid-air. But guess what? Duke is 12 and nearing full blindess and deaf. You think you could catch anything out of the air when you’re 84? No shot. Duke is a living legend and has been awarded as such.

No autographs please, pictures tomorrow.

P.S. The whole notion of liking your pet more than people? 2BD wrote a song about that…

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