This Photo of Geoffrey the Giraffe is the Saddest Thing the Internet Will See All Week

All good things must come to an end I guess, and usually when good things come to an end, people are sad about it. But, when Toys ‘R Us announced all of its stores would be closing in 2018, I wasn’t particularly phased by the news.

<> on March 15, 2018 in Emeryville, California.

Yeah, I remember going in there as a kid and flipping through the catalogs during Christmas, but both of those things usually ended up in either A) a childhood temper tantrum over not getting what you want or B) a fight with your sibling over a different toy that you didn’t ask for but got anyways.

But, I think I spoke too soon about not being phased by the store closing, which will officially be wrapped up this week as all Toys ‘R Us stores will finally shut their doors.

Because when I woke up this morning and saw this photo of Geoffrey the Giraffe in an empty aisle with his bags packed, I was hit with some major feels.


This is the saddest photo the internet will see all week, guaranteed. Look at this poor guy! His empire is ending, Closing Time is playing on an infinite loop through empty aisles with not a single toy on the shelf to spare. It must be a sad feeling for ol’ Geoff when all he’s tried to do is bring kids joy with plastic toys, stuffed animals, doll houses and cars for years and years.

And it makes us kids who grew up going there feel officially old. We’re reflecting on how our future kids will probably never get to experience a place like Toys ‘R Us because Amazon is taking over the world quicker than Geoffrey had to pack his bags and GTFO.

The only positive I can take from this photo is that Geoffrey the Giraffe is CLEARLY going Two Buttons Deep in this photo and I hope he’s off to retire somewhere warm and tropical where all the giraffes sip strawberry daiquiris and bask in the sun.

So long, Toys ‘R Us. Thanks 4 the memories.


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