Marko’s Monday Motivation: Nobody Cares About Your Struggles

Hi, friends. It’s your loving, compassionate, and empathetic friend Marko here, and I want to let everyone know that I know you’re struggling at times.

Life hits us with ups and downs like elevators, you’ll have feelings of great accomplishment only to be followed by inevitably crushing defeat. Times get hard, moods get low, hope may seem dismal at best, and I’m here to acknowledge that you may be having a rough go. I’m also here to let you know nobody cares.

That’s right. Nobody cares.

For real, nobody truly cares more than you do, and the sooner you acknowledge that no other person is going to compartmentalize your trails and tribulations, essentially, get your shit together, the sooner you’ll be able to conquer and move past whatever seems to be slowing you down. Only you got you, at the end of the day, it is only you who puts your head on that pillow and has to confront your conscious.
Sure, we may get some help along the way. A generous friend, a loving family member, a clingy-enabling ex lover hoping to reconcile manic behaviors that put them at the romantic wayside, but at the end of the day that help will only point you towards the right path, it can never walk it for you.
I wish I could sit here and type more positive uplifting shit, I wish I could be that beacon of optimism, but right now I am going to pay homage to the cutthroat culture of success we’ve been thrown into and tell you that you could be sore, tired, sick, sad, depressed, lonely, anxious; and nobody gives a shit.
I remember working under a teacher while student teaching –a gifted charismatic man who was kind of thrown into the mix pretty quick. He was given a lot of responsibility, almost testing him to see if he had what it took to reach greater heights because he had set out to be an administrator one day.
During the platoon of tornados thrown at him, the disgruntled parents, rambunctious and smart-ass kids, staff drama, grad school weighing down on him like granite, he’d often smile, sip his coffee, look at me and say time and time again, “Remember Mark, nobody cares.” We’d share a laugh, and it was that small moment thy provided so much clarity.
It became a cornerstone for me when comforting them days I was tired or down, ill or just mentally checked out, and it’s become my mantra during days I wish I could just hit the pause button on Father Time.

A job had to be done, someone had to do it, and the world didn’t give a shit who it was. The world is going to open doors for us, we call them opportunities, but they won’t stay open for long. If you don’t feel like walking through them, someone else will.

Let me give it to you from the standpoint of the brand I’m writing to you from, Two Buttons Deep. This is another modern “news” outlet of the internet age, aka, a shit storm of randomness delivered to you from a basis of perspective hoping to both draw your interest and entertain you. Yes, we like to hit some local topics and events, our squad gives you a personable feel with each member being distinctly and uniquely different, but essentially we are in the same playing field as all internet blogs. 
Put up or shut up. If everyone in the 2BD squad didn’t produce something for a month, then it’s goodbye relevance, goodbye views, and goodbye existence.


Your individuality and authentic touch will always separate your creations and/or work (whatever it may be), but it is your persistence that will keep it afloat. It’s grinding your teeth as you’re writing an article you really don’t feel like writing.

It’s showing up and showing out when you feel like staying in. And most of all, it’s knowing that nobody is going to save you except yourself, it’s accepting that harsh reality that at the end of the day nobody cares. Or let’s put it this way, no one is expected to care.

The sooner you stop looking for a pity party and holding your hand out like the world owes you something, the sooner you get what you’ve been looking for. Embrace the process, take the Ls and find comfort in knowing you have one person to depend on, yourself. Tough right? Nobody cares.

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