Beat the Heat and Binge-Watch “Community” AKA the Most Underrated TV Comedy Ever

OK, OK, I know it’s hot, people. But if waterslides and poolside ain’t your thing, you can do some good old fashioned Netflix binging and watch one of the most underrated comedy sitcoms of all time: Community.

Community first aired in September 2009 on NBCís Thursday night primetime lineup. It played on the same night as The Office, Parks and Recreation and 30 Rock and was looked at as being low on the totem pole in relation to those smash hits back then. Fair, fair.


The show itself was based loosely on creator Dan Harmonís experience while he attended community college. The series ran for five seasons on NBC and was picked up for a sixth season by Yahoo when the sitcom wasnít renewed by the NBC execs. Though it could have had a longer run than it did, I firmly believe that Community is one of the most underrated shows of all-time.

Harmon was fired by NBC before the start of the fourth season, but was brought back when the show just wasnít the same one year later. During his time away from the show Harmon created another hit show that he pitched to Adult Swim. That show was Rick and freakin’ Morty. This guy Harmon is a genius. A God amongst men if you will. He basically told the NBC execs and the rest of the world that he can make water into wine. He probably said something like,You want to fire me from my own show!? Well guess what Iím just going to create something else that will have a cult-like following.” Thatís Steve Jobs-esque, people. Take notes.

Community is about a lawyer named Jeff Winger, played by Joel McHale, having to reenroll in Greendale Community College after it was found out that he lied about attaining a law degree from Columbia University. Winger takes a Spanish class as a Gen-Ed that is taught by professor Chang, Ken Jeong (AKA the Asian guy from The Hangover).


While in class, Winger forms a study group with a few of his classmates which includes Chevy Chase and Donald Glover. Yeah, that same guy whoís the rapper Childish Gambino and stars in the newest Star Wars film. The group itself is a diverse cluster of individuals reminiscent of students you would find on any community college campus across the nation.

Being a Hudson Valley Community College alum, I can attest that the cast of misfits resembles the characters I used to hang out with while on the schoolís newspaper. The depiction of Greendale Community College was realistic on so many different levels from the crazy professors to the school sponsored events, so I can relate to a lot of the storylines and jokes.


The narrative follows Jeff as he tries to court on of his fellow study groupers Brita, played by Gillian Jacobs. The crew leans on each other to get through all of lifeís ups and downs while finding themselves in hilarious situations.

This is a well written underappreciated comedy that I highly recommend. There are many cameos that make appearances including Jack Black, Hilary Duff and John Oliver.

The show has 110 episodes that is perfect to binge watch during this summerís heatwave.


I do have to put out a warning that if you start this series you might not be able to stop and will definitely be an unproductive member of society for a few days. But with that being said, youíre welcome and enjoy the show.

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