Nobody Asked Me, But…Season 2, Episode 6


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I don’t want to get too emotional about the passing of time, but I can’t believe we’ve already done SIX EPISODES of Nobody Asked Me, But…this season. We’ve already had our fair share of laughs, controversy and outdoor drinks but it doesn’t get any less fun to keep doing it and braving the heat waves of upstate NY, which is exactly what we did this week.

It was incredibly hot, but the deck at Ryan’s Wake kept us cool even though our beers were warm AF after just a sip. I couldn’t keep a straight face in this episode because I was way too excited about this toilet paper joke. It’s been in my iPhone notepad for a while and don’t ask me why, but it just cracks me up. Probably because people (especially boys, yes) are just so lazy and never want to change the toilet paper roll in the bathroom. Why? It’s so easy, and so devastating if you get caught without some…

Anyway, check out Episode 6 below and stay tuned for a new episode every Monday right here on Two Buttons Deep.

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