Grandma’s Pies Will Close its Doors in the Capital Region This Week


Photo: TripAdvisor

Grandma’s is one of those 518 places where people will just rip you a new one if you tell them you haven’t been before (similar to Kay’s Pizza as mentioned a few weeks back).

“HOW COULD YOU LIVE IN THE CAPITAL REGION AND NOT HAD A GRANDMA’S PIE?” is something someone might say. And unfortunately, this is something someone might say to me because yeah, I haven’t been there before. And now time is running out!

After 42 years in business, the pie shop and restaurant announced this would be its final week of operation in a Facebook post that’s gone 518-viral with over 2,600 shares and 700+ comments so far.

Word on the street (via Steve Barnes at the TU) is that this place would churn out 100,000 pies during Thanksgiving week, which is clearly why so many people are sharing support and memories online as the final countdown begins until a Grandma’s Pie is no longer.


Photo: TripAdvisor

Let me just reiterate that is an INSANE amount of pies. I feel like if someone did the math on that, we’d find out if 100,000 people were eating Grandma’s Pies in the Capital Region on any given holiday that would be like, a solid chunk of the entire population here.

But listen, I don’t have that much to report on because as mentioned, I have never actually been to Grandma’s before, so I’m not going to know what this pain feels like until I experience some of their most famous dishes for myself.

And luckily, here at Two Buttons Deep we can make that happen pretty quickly. Stay tuned –we’re gonna squad up and go check out Grandma’s one first (and last) time before the doors close for good.

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