Marko’s Monday Motivation: Do You, No Matter What They Say

People will always find something to talk about, and sometimes it might be you. The sooner you learn to disregard public perception, ignore the naysayers, and simply accept there will always be people who doubt you and dislike you, the sooner you will find yourself optimizing your potential.

No individual is universally liked by others, and no individual is universally supported by others. To waste your energy entertaining side comments, rumors, blatant hate and envy is both a disservice to yourself and especially your peace of mind. Your peace of mind is yours and yours only, it has to become your source of reassurance and guiding light when all seems lost or hopeless.

When it rains it pours, right? Your peace of mind has to be water resistant. It must be a constant voice that reminds you things will be OK and you can always improve, and its this voice you need to hone in on when you catch the shade society will most definitely throw your way.

Never let random acts of disappointment committed by others be the reason you quit. Never let a side comment, harsh words or mockery stop you from believing in what you’ve been set out to do. Every person who has ever accomplished something worth working for has faced cascades of fear and doubt from friends, family, random strangers, former lovers, people outside of gas stations, etc.

Picture life as a successful YouTube video. You could have a video of the Dali Lama rescuing a basket of puppies from a burning building, reaching up to 10 million views, and you will still have the trolls and goblins of life writing negative shit in the comment section.


You still will have thousands of angry, pessimistic, self-loathing fungi of the human race that will hit that dislike button for no other reason except for the hopes of having company for their misery. Does this take away from the Dali Don Peter Parker-ing his way up the side of a building? Nope. Will anyone remember the troll who commented, “Could’ve saved them quicker.” Nope.

All forces trying to stop you and fill you with doubt, are most likely just forces that hold jealously towards the fact you’re doing everything they didn’t to become your best self. It takes guts to take part in a lifestyle where you are constantly thrown into the merciless gauntlet of public perception, and it will always be admirable act upon your passions even when faced with resistance.

Resistance comes in many shapes and forms, memes and gifs, comments and dislikes. Recognize that this resistance is tangible evidence someone stepped outside of themselves and their own path to ridicule yours.

In essence, this resistance is an outward portrayal of an unhappy person who feels unfilled. They see someone thats moving forward when they decided to call it quits and it kills them. They will always be there, don’t try and figure out ways to stop them, just accept their existence and move on.

A great way to combat this is to find the few forces that are actually going your way in the fetal stages of your journey, and nourish them. Any positive comment, any well wishes, any supporters, EMBRACE THEM. Remember them. Cherish them.

I would like to believe they will become cornerstones to the foundations of your success, but then again, I am just a person who has been told he doesn’t really know shit and should stop writing motivational articles. I am also a person whose been told a particular article I wrote really helped them in some way.

I could’ve fell into a self-loathing spiral of doubt and fear after hearing the negatives about my writing, but F’em. To even entertain it would already have me moving backwards. Instead, I saved that message of someone thanking me, I screen shot it, might’ve even printed out a hard copy, and any time I ever doubt myself and what I’m doing, I look back at it as a source of fuel.

Thats why it feels so good to be writing this right now. I know there will be doubters, I know there will be people who just want to throw unnecessary shade because, hey…they probably just don’t like me. How could they like me when they hate themselves? The fact that others always seem to restore my hopes in humanity with their kind words and well wishes at the right times, when I feel most broken, at my lowest, that will always push me forward.

Keep calm and carry on my friends. Best wishes. See you next Monday.

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