Nobody Asked Me, But…Season 2, Episode 7


Better late than never, am I right? I HATE when things are late. Most of you probably didn’t even realize this video wasn’t out during our usual Monday time slot, so that’s cool. But sometimes we just have to take the L on timing and be real with you guys that this is a start up and hey, we get things done when we can get them done and you hardly even notice or judge us for it. But I do.

This week, the delay was the actually the best thing we could’ve had happen because we weren’t rushing and adopted the mindset that yes, we’d shoot as soon as we could and when the moment/location/jokes were all right. Jack and I were in Schenectady for a meeting for an event coming up this week (Summer Night, people –get your bums there!),† and got into our usual conversation about how badly we need rooftop bars here in the Capital Region.†

And before you know it, we were on the roof at Nico’s Tavern right in the heart of downtown Schenectady filming what some 2BD fans call the best NAMB yet (seriously, some people did say that).†I had never heard of this spot before but that’s what we like –we’re here to check out the hidden gems, the popular places and everything in between.

So, check out our latest episode below and as always, thanks for sticking with us week after week. New episode (mostly) every Monday right here on Two Buttons Deep.


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