What Would the 2BD Squad Wait in a Line As Long As The Build-A-Bear Line at Crossgates For?

Yesterday’s “Pay Your Age” promotion at the Build-a-Bear store at Crossgates Mall caused a SCENE, filling the mall with lines that literally wrapped around the entire place.


Photo: Lori Van Buren, Albany Times Union

Parents, children and apparently everyone else in the Capital Region wanted to get in on this deal that would have them walking away with a pricy stuffed animal at a fraction of the price.

Nationwide, many Build-A-Bear stores had to shut down the lines and stop the promotion midday due to the insane crowds and high probability of moms getting into fist fights over who was cutting and who wasn’t budging. The world is a dangerous enough place as it is, when you see a mama bear go at it with another mama bear over a Build-A-Bear, the world could literally explode.


Photo: Lori Van Buren, Albany Times Union

And of course, shout out to all the parents that unwillingly do things like this for the happiness of their children, but to the rest of the world this seems like a major waste of time, no matter how good the deal.


So, this got the squad thinking, what WOULD we wait in a line this long for?

Jack: Chick-Fil-A on a Sunday.


Taylor: To meet Joan Rivers, my long lost grandmother and spirit animal. Or, since Joan Rivers would probably tell me not to waste my time waiting in a line to meet her, it would have to be to earn like a lifelong shopping spree or something.



Apparently Mr. 1Million is too cool to type out a message in our group text but he sent a video that I cannot upload at this time thanks to WordPress ūüôĀ

I’d wait in line for something luxurious like a golf stream that I could take anywhere around the world. Is that an option?

unnamed (3)

PS, Taylor here: I have no idea what a “golf stream” is…?

Katie: The last line I waited in was for opening weekend at Jumpin’ Jacks and the beer lines at the Jack White show at Brewery Ommegang, and I regret nothing. But that’s my threshold –you won’t ever find me waiting six hours to ride Avatar Flight of Passage at Animal Kingdom in Orlando.

tenor (3)

Mark: I would wait for a free t-shirt, like the one that gets shot out of those t-shirt cannons you see at sporting events during time-outs and halftime. I would wait for this simply because I’ve sat calmly all my life acting like I never wanted one, but my burning desire to catch a t-shirt was so strong. I’d wait for it now just to say I did it.


OK readers, your turn. What would you wait in a long AF line for?

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