The 2BD Squad Truly is Full of Stars as Jack and John Put on a Spontaneous Performance at Park Playhouse

Jack and I have been causing trouble together since 2004, but as we get older, sometimes I wonder if we will eventually become less fun and spontaneous while old age and the stress of building a start up company get the best of us.

And then there are nights like the one we had last week, when Jack and Mr. One Million, AKA John Longton III took the stage at Park Playhouse on a beautiful summer night to perform for a crowd of…no one.

The evening originally started with our attempt to film the Grandma’s video I promised but we pulled up at 5PM to find dozens of patrons-to-be outside waiting in front of a set of locked doors. Long story short, Grandma’s cut its hours back for its final week and we were SOL on the video and a dinner spot (the latter being more important to me at the time).

We did a total 180 with our plans after that and ended up at a Mexican restaurant in Arbor Hill and afterwards decided to take a stroll through Washington Park to sober up from the strongest pitcher of margaritas I have ever had.

John mentioned that the Park Playhouse was officially open for the season, which to the rest of us made it seem like we could enjoy a show in the park impromptu. And yes, we did enjoy a show, just not the kind of show I was expecting at all.

WARNING: There is some graphic language used in this skit. These two clowns might’ve been at least one and a half buttons deep from the margaritas, but to me this was some improv comedy gold and TBH, made me feel young and stupid again.

So, if you don’t think any of us have actual talent here at 2BD, you might wanna check this out. We’ll be auditioning for the next season of Saturday Night Live now. Thanks.

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