Return of the Mac: Mac Miller Delivers on “Self Care”

Good God, Mac Miller’s new single “Self Care” exceeded all expectations I had.

After Ariana Grande split with him and calling their partnership a “toxic relationship,” then began to flaunt her new engagement to Pete Davidson, a man who seems to be doing all the right things to attain a nervous breakdown, I had a gut feeling Mr. Miller was in the shadows over here creating beautiful art. Artists thrive in dark situations, and Mac Miller is certainly one of those artists.


If you know the story and content behind the mixtape “Faces,” it’s safe to say Miller creates great art when his mind or vices are working against him, or with him? What I’m the trying to say here is that the man is able to tap into a dark emotional state and enable it to be the muse for great art.

In this video for “Self Care,” Miller comes back into the spotlight only to be trapped in a coffin. Seemingly unphased, he calmly shimmies his shoes up the side of the coffin and manages to light what appears to be a much needed (and enjoyed) cigarette.

I have not yet heard him release the explanation toward the various symbolism in this video, but here’s my take. My interpretation of this video:

Miller is trapped in his own mind but is comfortable with dealing with it. He’s acknowledged mental struggles before, so nothing new for him here. This is followed by him carving “Memento Mori” which translates to English as “Remember Death” into the top of the coffin. Memento Mori is the medieval Latin Christian theory and practice of reflection on mortality, especially as a means of considering the vanity of earthly life and the transient nature of all earthly goods and pursuits.

What’s Miller telling us here? We’re all going. One way or another, we all will see our day, and that alone is definitive proof all this shit is temporary. Miller seemed to have had his life together, girl of his dreams, possibly nightmares now, and it’s become a bit shaky again.

I’d like to think the non-chalantness in the coffin symbolizes being comfortable in dark places, possibly dwelling omens and avoiding social contact, and this is confronted when Miller punches through the casket, and resurfaces to see the light of day again.

What’s this mean to me? Keep hammering. Push forward. Carry on. Etc. We could sit and sulk for what we don’t have our entire life and there will most certainly be times for that, but that’s now way to encompass your existence. Remember you will die, so if you’re stuck at a low point, GTFO of there and live –you deserve it.

After rising from the underground and cleaning the dirt from his face Miller is hit with an explosion and takes off into the air missing that one shoe.

My take? Life will always throw the unexpected your way, just because you’ve gotten through some shit doesn’t mean you won’t go through more, so if that happens and you’re hit with a curve ball, handle it.

Miller is thrown airborne in an array of directions and ends up on his feet. That speaks for itself, and this single “Self Care” is worth your time.

I’m not going to break the song down, I didn’t even mentally process it because I can’t get over the angelic melodies. How can a man who can’t sing, sing so well? To watch this mans grow from your intricate boom bap rhymer to an elite composer has truly been inspiring.

Anyways, take a look at that video, decipher for yourself, and always Memento Mori.

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