Boston-based Harpoon Brewery Set to Collab With Dunkin’ Donuts on Coffee Porter Beer

Coffee is great, beer is better? I don’t actually know which I would choose if it came down to it, but luckily I don’t have to. And now I super don’t have to choose because Boston-based Harpoon Brewery is planning to collaborate with Dunkin’ Donuts this fall on a special edition coffee porter beer.


This is literally a dream come true for a girl like me, someone who unapologetically loves a good cup of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee (though I have to admit I’ve been more of a Starbucks and Stacks girl lately since working in downtown Albany). Actually just a dream come true for coffee and beer lovers everywhere, and even more so for people who love coffee beer. AKA, me again.

Now, of course this collaboration isn’t claiming to invent a whole new product category or anything since coffee beer has been popular just as long as the craft beer scene has taken off (maybe even longer, I’m not a believer in the IPA Bible or anything). But, it’s a fun partnership between two famous New England brands who believe two heavily addictive drinks are better than one.

Hopefully it’ll be more readily available than the last Boston collab DD did when they teamed up to create a pair of limited edition Boston Marathon running sneakers, but at 6 percent ABV you probably only need to get your hands on a couple of these before you start feeling like you’re a few buttons deep.

I fully support pretty much everything Dunkin’ Donuts does, and since this involves beer I am even more in on this new idea. The one thing I do slightly still hold grudge against them for is for never airing the commercial Jack and I filmed for them after winning a contest back in our younger days. Where’s that at, Dunkin’?


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