Taylor Does Schenectady’s SummerNight 2018

Well, another week, another video filled with hard-hitting journalism from the squad here at Two Buttons Deep.

This time, we took on Schenectady’s annual SummerNight event, a three-stage music festival right in the heart of downtown that draws a five-figure crowd to enjoy quite literally a perfect summer night.

Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 5.36.08 PM

The donna? What?

For me, the night felt far from perfect as you might’ve seen on my Instagram Story I was feeling ROUGH heading into the event. I was experiencing some serious pain in my eye, thought I had scratched it or something, and was prepared to tough it out and just throw some shades on all night so no one could see my eyes. Problem with that is no one can see your facial expressions when you have sunglasses on, so I had to ditch those real quick if I wanted this video to be entertaining in the slightest.

I sucked it up and just prayed that Jack wouldn’t be mean to me during filming (we are known to bicker a bit like brother and sister sometimes, forget the part that he was my first kiss), but he was understanding and we tried to get as many interviews as possible while weaving through the crowd of thousands with our fake ass iPhone microphone.

The question of the night focused on whether Schenectady is officially on its way to a comeback, considering the massive decline it had way back in the day and all of the efforts (and tax dollars) in the works right now to bring it back to its original, thriving state. The overall consensus? Yes, I would say Schenectady is making a comeback.

Who knows what kind of responses I would’ve started getting if I stayed ’til dark and didn’t end up at Urgent Care immediately after wrapping up, but I heard enough to conclude that most people are ready for the Electric City to get back on the scene.

Check out the full video here and on our Facebook page, and follow along for more coverage as we take on Upstate New York one event, one city and one video at a time.

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