Nobody Asked Me, But…Season 2, Episode 8

So, Facebook and Jack would like to tell you this is Episode 7, but I’m pretty darn sure we’ve done 8 of these bad boys so far this summer. Jack is too busy focusing on how I refused to hug the biggest Spin Doctors fan this side of the Mississippi at SummerNight last week and forgot to keep count of this series. Which doesn’t even make sense because I’m pretty sure he just hates filming them, so he should be making it seem like we did more than we did so he can pull the plug.

ANYWAYS, in the latest episode, we took to the backyard patio at Sunhee’s Farm and Kitchen in Troy, AKA one of the best restaurants around if ya ask me (which I know you didn’t, that’s what this is all about).

Everything on the menu at Sunhee’s is amazing, particularly the kimbap rolls, the japchae noodles and the classic bibimbap. And once you check out the backyard, you feel like you’re not in a Troy, NY alleyway but rather a real Korean street food scene eating some stuff that makes American food seem so incredibly boring.

Check out Episode 7? 8? below and stay tuned for a new episode of Nobody Asked Me, But…every week (or until Jack gets sick of it) right here on Two Buttons Deep.

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