Taylor Rejected a Hug from Free Hugs Guy And I Still Feel Bad for Him

We were filming our Schenectady SummerNight video last week when I think we experienced one of Taylor’s coldest moments as a human being.

When we film videos at Two Buttons Deep, we pretty much go into it with no plan whatsoever. Our goal in our original coverage is to experience the event and translate that to you, the audience, through a fun video. Not by capturing the boring 5 W’s and then leave like other news outlets do.

We go all out, or shall we say, all buttons deep.

That means we get into some shit, talk to some weird people, and that’s pretty much always what we want. We go with the flow, we improvise. And you know what the number 1 rule of improv is? Always say yes. If someone says “let’s eat hot dogs” we eat hot dogs, if someone thinks we’re live TV, we say we’re live TV, and if someone wants to give us a hug, we gives hugs.

Unless you’re Taylor, our resident diva here at 2BD. 

giphy (1).gif

I was nice enough not to put this in the final cut of the video because Taylor has taken enough heat from the internet as of late. But I honestly can’t stop thinking about it, I feel so bad for him. This dude wore this shirt for the sole purpose of giving hugs which is proven to generate happiness, and Taylor wanted nothing to do with it. Stone cold.

This guy probably thought he hit the jackpot, a hug from a cool reporter on live tv, what could go wrong? Everything. He was at the forefront of 30,000 people and Taylor couldn’t even give him a charity toss, not even a one arm half you do to your elderly relatives you don’t want to break. She wanted nothing to do with him and I can only assume it has to do with the fact he was sweating buckets. But c’mon, do it for the vine!

As for the dude? I think he’ll be alright. I have to admit he handled it like a champ and didn’t let it stop him from having a good time. Maybe he was sweating so much because he hugged so many people it was a workout so it didn’t even matter that Taylor gave him the hard no. He wasn’t phased, not even for a split second. Maybe he spent the night crying about it, but he went with the flow…at least knows the first rule of improv.

So I guess the message here is not to try and hug reporters. Taylor is a busy girl on camera and has no time for showing affection to our subjects. This guy shouldn’t feel bad knowing that she treats everyone like this and she wouldn’t ever single him out….oh wait, damnit.

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  1. NoThanks

    She really does that toilet paper move.

  2. Cody Hamilton

    Dancing man / free hugs here (dancing man was my nickname before I bought my free hugs shirt) don’t worry I didn’t cry, and i didn’t miss hitting the jackpot… I hit the jackpot when I got to hug Chris Barron!! The lead of the spin doctors, so no hard feelings especially since his first reaction was to grab a towel and Pat my forehead because of how sweaty I was ?, and then the bass player gave me a much-needed bottle of water

    Unfortunately I’m going to have to retire that shirt soon, it’s starting to get a little worn out, and no longer fits me. I’ve lost a 110 pounds, 60 of them since January of this year. Maybe I’ll get a mesh version that breathes so I won’t get as sweaty

    It’s funny you mention improv in this article, I found this article today, and I’m in the middle of a seseri of improv classes (my first ever) over at the wonderful mopco theater

    And closing no hard feelings, but if anyone over there sees me out and about or anyone in general I’m always down for a free hug shirt or no… Although if I’ve been dancing and I’m sweaty all understand if you pass ?


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