The Saratoga Racetrack is Open and Summer is Officially Over

Well it’s here. The Saratoga Racetrack is now officially open for business and with that basically comes the end to summer. Today is bittersweet because I love the track, but you can honestly start the countdown to Christmas now.

Summer just flew by this year. Don’t we always say that though? Well, whatever it doesn’t get any less true. It was literally Memorial Weekend a couple days ago and now we are just about in August. WOOF.


I’ve been going up to the track for years. It’s definitely my favorite summer spot because there are countless things to do and you can people watch for days. You can wager a 10 cent superfecta, hit for a couple hundred bucks and look like a horse racing guru. Or you could hit a dry spell and not win a single race while blowing hundreds of dollars. The latter is usually the outcome during most of my experience.

The track will be open from now until September 3rd and in that time celebrities, movie stars and millionaires will embark on the journey to Saratoga and make upstate New York their late summer homes.


This will also attract the Brads, Chads, Tuckers and Prestons with their pastel shorts and boat shoes gambling away their trust fund money. I’m actually quite jealous of the lifestyle, but I’m pretty sure I would never fit in with the ritzy crowd. I would rather just stare and make fun of these people.

Downtown Saratoga will be also officially classified as a shit show. Now, what normally takes about five minutes to get a beer will take about 20 (unless you are a hot girl). It will be sweaty with elbowroom only in most places, yet people will still be fist fighting to get inside and the whole time you’re out after a long day at the races you just want to get a slice a pizza. Then you go to get pizza and there are more people grabbing a slice than a drink at the bar.

They say that the population of Saratoga will multiply by three for the next few weeks and the Saratoga economy will thrive off of the money it generates. It’s almost like I’m getting gentrified out of my own backyard, but ya gotta take the good and the bad. So bring on the luxury cars and the $1,000 outfits.

That being said I love the track and Saratoga this time of the year. The sights, sounds and smells of the track are something that stick with you. The countless family picnics and drunken times with my friends resonate with me when I think about the track. There’s a lot of history up here. 154 years to be precise. So when you go up to the track soak it in and smell the roses because I can’t name a place with more nostalgia.

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