Dog Rescued After Falling Off a Cliff in Thacher Park and Living on a Ledge for SIX DAYS

It’s good news Wednesday here at Two Buttons Deep as Good Boy Khaos was rescued a few days ago after spending 6 days MIA.

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Compilation from Kumi Tucker’s Facebook

(The SpotlightAfter being stuck on a Thacher Park ledge for nearly a week, Khaos was reunited with his owner on Monday, July 23.

The German shepherd from East Berne took off from his owner, Laurence Wolfe, as a thunder storm rolled in on Tuesday, July 17, while the two were walking along the Overlook.

“He is doing phenomenal,” said Wolfe when reached at home on Tuesday, July 24. “After six days and six nights and a couple 90 degree days and a couple torrential rainstorms. He is doing phenomenal.”

His complicated rescue involved a drone, rappelling, a search and rescue team, a devoted owner, and a NYS Parks Department staff that wouldn’t quit.

Man, stories like this warm my heart. I’ve got nothing but love and respect for Craig Apple and the Albany County Sheriff Dept/NYS Parks Department, who rescued Khaos from the ledge after he took a tumble down a cliff. I don’t know if they know exactly what happened to him, I’ve been scraping up a few various details from different outlets, but the point is the dog survived on his own for 6 days and that’s probably better than most educated humans can do. 

Now Khaos is out here living his best life and being interviewed by local legend, Kumi Tucker.


Kumi’s Facebook Page

There’s nothing like a good scare to make you appreciate what you have in life. I feel like there is a good quote that represents that, but it’s just not coming to me….Anyways, I hope Laurence soaks up the remaining years with Khaos, and remembers to put him on a leash during thunderstorms. Dogs do the damndest things.

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