Marko Does Cryotherapy

A couple weeks ago I saw there was a new company that offers cryotherapy in Latham, iCRYO.

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After seeing multiple fighters and athletes I follow buy into this alternative mind and body method of healing, I found myself anxious to try it out. I ended up reaching out to the owner of the iCryo in Latham, Aric Lemon, and chatted on the phone about his services.

What I learned is that cryotherapy is essentially freezing your ass off for a short period of time, literally. You step into a steel/chrome looking chamber up to your neck, and it is in this chamber where your body is put into a freezer that is kept at a refreshing NEGATIVE 200-250 degrees Fahrenheit below zero.

The use of such extremely low temperatures can treat symptoms such as tissue damage (it’s excellent for athletes, which they typically treat with painful ice baths), decrease inflammation, increase cell rejuvenation, improve skin tone and reduce signs of aging. There are also countless claims and testimonies that the use cryotherapy is beneficial to those struggling with symptoms of depression or anxiety.

In a world where doctors are prescribing OxyContin for back pain or Valium for minor anxiety, seeing alternate routes to healing the body is always a breath of fresh air and hope, especially when those alternative routes find their way to Upstate New York.

Am I demonizing those who take medications for their ailments? Not at all. What I am doing is embracing those who found a different way, as opposed to feeding into a system that propels pill pushing. Far too often, people are quickly prescribed and labeled to fit a medical condition and solution. It has become common practice to treat the symptoms before we treat the body, and cryotherapy is an opportunity to combat that.

Some of the best athletes and biggest names have become advocates for cryotherapy, but keep in mind these people also pay close attention to what they eat, how they train, and how they think. There’s nothing wrong with embracing mindful living and being open to new things. And here I am doing just that.

Learn more about iCryo and get your first session for just $25 -

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