Diners, Drive-ins and Feeding Wildfire Evacuees: Guy Fieri is the GOAT

It’s no secret that California just probably won’t be a real place in a few years..or at least not a place that is attached to the continental U.S. This state has been getting the brunt of Mother Nature’s bad moods with strings of deadly wildfires, earthquakes, flooding –you name it.

And of course these natural disasters and bad bouts of weather are always devastating to the people who are displaced with their whole lives at risk as a result.

ABC News Photo

Photo: ABC News

Luckily, though, there’s real heroes out there like the O.G. Guy Fieri who has stepped up his game to help out the victims of the most recent wildfires roaring through Northern California.

Fieri has teamed up with the non-profit Operation BBQ Relief to provide hot meals to those who are down and out due to these deadly fires.


Does Mr. Fieri do this for the positive publicity? No, ’cause there’s hardly been any. Does he do it to get more viewers on his hit shows Guy’s Grocery Games or Diners, Drive-ins and Dives? No, because trust me –the whole world is already watching those (or they should be).

He does it because he is the GOAT. He’s the GOAT when he’s sitting courtside at a Warriors game, he’s the goat when he’s knees deep in a southern style fried chicken sandwich, and he’s the GOAT when he’s giving back to his beloved state of CA (not his home state in case you were wondering, that’s Ohio).

And, if his charitable efforts aren’t enough to get you on Team Guy for life, a local restaurant owner will be featured on an upcoming episode of the forever-competitive show Guy’s Grocery Games and you better stay tuned for it.

PS, Guy, if you’re reading this, check out our series Upstate Old School, where we pay homage to you by experiencing some of the best joints here in New York State.

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