I’m the Featured Poet at Tonight’s Poetic Vibe so You Should Probably Come

Hey Y’all,

I’ll be the feature poet for Poetic Vibe at Troy Kitchen tonight. Poetic Vibe was recently voted Best Poetry Open Mic by The Alt and has been giving locals the opportunity to express their poetry in a welcome, chill environment for the past two years.


I’ve been attending this open mic since its humble beginnings, and every week the open mic is capped by a feature performance. I had my first feature there last year around this time. The atmosphere was electric to say the least. Everyone brings their ‘A’ game and leaves it all out there in every performance. It’s rare to find an environment that runs on love, support, and community as well as Poetic Vibe. The diversity is what makes this open mic such a sight to be hold, and I’m humbled to be featuring once again following my return to the collar city.

Poetry will always be a part of me. When I first started writing poems seriously in the summer of 2013, it was essential to express what I was going through emotionally in a way that others could relate to. It allows the misunderstood to be understood, and issues that need to be addressed can be analyzed in a way that bring people together, rather than tear them apart. Another great thing about this creative vessel is that everything you write has a value that is timeless. I can read older material alongside newer material and hold a proud feeling about them both. However, the most memorable thing poetry has given me is the connection between those who read or hear it.

I’ve been taken aback by the amount of people I have met over the years that have said thank you, told me memories that a certain poem has brought out of them, and to keep writing. There will be times where life becomes too much to put on paper, writer’s block takes a hold of your head while your heart weighs heavy, but this is the fuel that keeps me motivated and moving forward as a poet and writer.

Come see me tonight at Poetic Vibe, doors open up at 7 with the Open Mic starting around 7:30. My feature set will be in the middle of the open mic, but don’t come just for me. Enjoy the experience from start to finish, feel some type of way, and don’t be afraid to bring something to the table yourself. Hope to see you there!

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