Papa John Thinks He’s Ready to be Papa John’s Spokesperson Again

(AP) ó The founder of Papa John’s says the pizza chain needs him back as its public face, and that it was a mistake for the company to scrub him from its marketing materials after he acknowledged using a racial slur last month.


There are a few things that white people won’t ever get away with in 2018. Leading that list is dropping the N-bomb where anybody can hear you. In front of that is dropping the N-bomb as a national spokesperson of a pizza company while on a conference call on how to properly speak the the media.

No matter what context you said it in, it was reported and splashed across headlines meaning you’re donezo. There’s no explanation that America will wholeheartedly accept for a white guy saying that, the internet is a very unforgiving place.

I can only imagine how degrading it must be to have your reputation and status involuntarily stripped from you as the face of a national brand. I’m talkin’ Matt Lauer, Charlie Rose, Papa John. Once very rich, highly regarded men watch it all wash away after their dirty laundry suddenly rises out from the depths of the dryer and right onto America’s timeline. There’s nothing you can do but take the L, recede from the spotlight and live like normal people with a couple extra million dollar cushion from your past endeavors. Papa John still remains on the board with 30% stake of the company, meaning he would continue to live a very pompous life with little to no effort from here on out. Not a bad gig to me.

But then there are people like Matt Lauer, Charlie Rose and Papa John who believe that after a few months on the sidelines, America misses them and it’s time for them to return to full power. But like I said, the internet is a very unforgiving place.

John Schnatter said in an interview with The Associated Press that he believes he can return to TV and radio ads once the public understands the context of his comments.

“My persona resonates with the consumer because it’s authentic, it’s genuine and it’s the truth,” Schnatter said in a phone interview late Wednesday, with his lawyer and representative present.

I would pay money to see Papa John explain to the kneeling NFL players why he dropped an N-bomb to his company. You know, the same players he used to blame the NFL for Papa John’s horrible pizza sales in January before inevitably being dropped by the NFL. That’s the only time America would want him back on their television, when it’s a pay-per-view event of this conversation.

The fact he’s naive enough to think he will be able to make the “public understand the context of his comments” is laughable at least, and more than anything, showing his age. He’s been the face of Papa John’s for more than a decade. If his persona “resonates with the consumer because it’s authentic” then they wouldn’t be in last place in the pizza race to begin with. This is merely an ego issue, nothing more and nothing less. Papa John’s has gotta evolve, find a new spokesperson, perhaps just John?

What a coincidence, my real name is John and I’ll take any job that involves free pizza.†

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