Rick Pitino is the Ultimate Scumbag

So I was making beef jerky last night and I decided to watch the movie Blue Chips while doing so. So I fired up the Amazon Prime and decided to watch one of the greatest sports movies of all-time that I’ve never seen.

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If you’ve never seen Blue Chips I would definitely put it on the top of your rainy day watch list. It’s about a college basketball coach played by Nick Nolte in the mid 90s and his struggles with trying to compete with other schools in recruiting players. He’s in a little bit of a lull in his career and he wants to get back on top. That’s when he brings in the ultimate freshman class, but he had to bend the rules and have a booster pay his players and give them cars.

The cast has a ton of people in the basketball landscape including Shaq, Penny Hardaway, Dick Vitale, Jim Boeheim and…Rick the slick mobster looking ass Pitino.


The point of the film was to show how wrong it is to pay players and the conundrum that coaches are stuck with to bring in great players. In the end, Nolte resigns because he feels it’s wrong to cheat and give the players money and material items to commit to his school.

Rick Pitino had a decent role in this film. He coached against Nolte and was a rival coach trying to get the same players. Today it came out that Pitino knew that other schools offered recruits that committed to Louisville upwards of $200,000, but for some reason they wanted to become a Cardinal. Maybe because Pitino is such a great coach with an awesome system and a wholesome culture. Or because he’s a scumbag and threw the recruits a couple more bucks and a prostitute.


(Bleacher Report) The University of Louisville alleged in court documents that former head coach†Rick Pitino†knew other were schools attempting to pay recruit Brian Bowen in exchange for a commitment.

According to WDRB’s†Jason Riley, Louisville and Pitino are suing each other in the wake of Pitino’s 2017†firing†for alleged involvement in bribing recruits.†

Per Riley, Pitino sent the following text to then-Louisville assistant Kenny Johnson in 2015: “DePaul trying to pay Bowen 200 K to come there. Crazy world.”

Pitino is set to release a tell all book next month where he talks about his career and getting ran out of Louisville for things that he “had no knowledge of.”

It’s time to call a spade a spade and blackball this dude from any type of sport with a ball. How is this guy gonna get paid to be in a movie about how bad it is to pay college players and then turn around and PAY COLLEGE PLAYERS!!!!!

Maybe I’m just fired up because back in 2015 he declined to answer my question at the Elite Eight game against Michigan State. A game they went on to lose.

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