Good News: Troy’s Oldest Restaurant is Adding a Bar (Bad News: It’s Not a Rooftop Bar)

Troy’s oldest restaurant, Manory’s, is adding a bar after 105 years of business. This is great news considering that this spot is an absolute delight to patronize, however, it does not fulfill my selfish desire for a rooftop bar. 


An article of mine recently sparked a lot of debate on the internet after I listed 5 things Troy needs before another barbershop. All of my suggestions were redundant to the fact that we did not need another barbershop placed in a very valuable piece of real estate in Troy at 97 Congress Street. Manory’s just so happens to sit right across the intersection at 99 Congress Street and I’d like to think they took a few of my ideas…

That area of Troy is soon to be very heavily trafficked as a new News Apartments is to be built adjacent the two properties where the old KeyBank currently lies. This means 100+ more tenants who can afford “luxury” apartments (average of $2K/month rent) will be moving into that corner. With the Troy Kitchen, Sunhees, Superior Merch, Harrison’s Corner Market and many other high end shops popping up around those blocks, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that is going to be the hottest corner in Troy in 2020 (unless 1MC makes a counter move).

Regardless, it’s big news for the outlier part of downtown, and I thought my suggestions were appropriate for what that area needs. And although I have no power or desire to overhaul the existing barbershop business which now occupies that corner real estate, it’s good to see Manory’s making adjustments to appeal to the incoming crowds.


Last summer the restaurant teased up with a late-night walk-up window where they served burgers and loaded fries and milkshakes to give us our late night food fix. They stopped that operation with little to no explanation. Maybe it was just a test run to see if that’s what Troy needed, and the answer is a heavy yes. One of my suggestions is an alternative late night drunk food spot because the sole option of I Love NY of Troy is great, but that much pizza can’t be good for the arteries. Manory’s just announced they will now remain open until 11 P.M. I wouldn’t say that quite solves the late night food epidemic, but it’s as much a foundation for improvement as it is a reason for me not to stay out past midnight.

My other suggestion is a rooftop bar, that’s the one thing separating Troy, NY from eternal greatness and I will push for that as long as I live here. Manory’s had their chance to fill that void, however I’m assuming you don’t want to push the boundaries of architecture made in the 1910’s, so I respect their decision not to build atop their four story building and instead to simply build a new bar inside the restaurant.


If you’ve never been to Manory’s, you haven’t really experienced Troy. It’s as classic of a diner experience you can get in the area and their food and hospitality is next to none. The only way they could make it better is the option for patrons to go a couple buttons deep in the process, and now that’s possible with their brand new bar in the establishment. It’s a smart move on their behalf and I think it will give them the resurgence they need to hold onto their legacy as a mainstay here in Troy.

As for the breeze blowing through my buttoned down shirt as I overlook the Hudson? That will have to wait until another day. 

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