Starbucks Cold Foam Has Changed My Life in the Most Basic and Expensive of Ways

My God, Starbucks. I’ve always known you were no good for me, but despite my efforts to shop local as often as possible, this Cold Foam sensation has completely thrown me for a loop this summer and stripped away everything I ever believed about myself.

Spoon University

Photo: Spoon University

If you’re not familiar, you clearly haven’t logged onto Instagram in a few months as these aesthetically pleasing, too-good-to-be-true beverages have all the girls going WILD this summer. We’re buying these for our girlfriends just so they can try it and willingly empty our wallets day in and day out due to a very real addiction to this cold foam.


What is it? Literally cold foam, like what you’d typically find atop a hot latte or cappuccino, but instead it’s creamy and smooth AF as a sweet little finish on top of a cold brew coffee (which is so last summer in terms of coffee trends).

My favorite version of this, the salted cream cold foam cold brew is amazing. It’s also a mouthful to order and usually confuses the cashier. I have said many times before I cannot somehow get the Starbucks menu lingo down…but, it’s worth the awkwardness at the counter for this drink –I can’t describe the sensation or like I said, the addiction I feel to having this beverage play a part in my day.

In my defense, I work a block away from a Starbucks and work 10-hour shifts with A LOT of human interaction so I physically need coffee to survive. And worst of all I am writing this with a McDonald’s coffee in my hand because that’s my only option on my way home from the gym, and spending $1.81 for my first coffee a day makes me feel a little bit later about the $5.13 one I am going to buy later. 

So, my apologies to all the local cafés I’ve blown off over the last few months to get my fix of this cold foam before they move on to a new trendy drink or worse, it becomes winter and I no longer want iced coffee anymore. See ya’ll in the winter, I guess.

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  1. Natalie

    Why the picture of nutpods with coldbrew starbucks?


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