A Slovakian Woman Was Arrested for Playing the Same Song on Repeat for 16 Years, Confirming I am Not the Only One Who Does This

It’s a bad habit I know far too well –playing to your new favorite song on repeat until you listen so many times even the faintest sound of the beat makes you cringe. But hey, what’s life without a little risk and reward am I right?

Maybe not. Maybe you shouldn’t listen to songs as repeat as much as you damn please, because that recently ended in an arrest for a Slovakian woman who allegedly played the same Opera song on repeat for a casual, quick 16 years. Wait, what?

As reported by SBS news and re-reported by Barstool Sports:

After 16 years of non-stop opera blaring from her home, police have arrested a Slovakian woman accused of driving her neighbours crazy.

Hungarian news site Parameter.sk reported the woman, identified as Eva, was arrested by police in the southern town of Sturovo on Monday and is now facing charges of harassment and malicious persecution. The woman is accused of playing the same four minute aria from Giuseppe Verdi’s ‘La Traviata’ over and over again on full volume from morning until night. Local media claims the woman initially cranked up the volume on her home entertainment system to drown out a neighbourhood dog’s loud barking.

Is this the path I’m heading down in life? I hope not, but I also know this is a much better path than becoming a hoarder or taking in 126 stray cats and welcoming them into my home. So if this is my path, this is my path, but even I don’t think I could keep up with this shit and have one favorite song for a streak of 16 long years.

Props to this composer for laying down a track since 1853 that still makes the girls go wild, but I listened to it and it DOES NOT sound anything like “It Wasn’t Me” by Shaggy, which ya’ll know if I was playing a song until the end of time on repeat, that’s what I would choose. I would probably end up getting more than just arrested if I did that, though.

This, this right here, is what she felt like the world needed to hear on a daily basis –at full volume no less. I am very thankful that her neighbors are getting some peace and quiet, but I am also insanely concerned about what took so long.

If anything, this serves as a lesson to give your favorite tunes a break and make sure your friends, colleagues, neighbors and peers are well-equipped with proper headphones to drown out your B.S. music. This chick would be a terrible DJ on a road trip so please don’t let her go anywhere near the aux cord on her shuttle bus to her prison cell.

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