What Viral Internet Song is Better? John Legends’ “Headband of the Day” or the Teenager Who Sang Her McDonald’s Drive-Thru Order?

There are two viral videos that the internet is totally soaking up right now, and it just so happens they both have to do with people who are way more musically talented than any of us here at Two Buttons Deep.

First, we have the 16-year-old YouTube star who killed it when she sang her McDonald’s order at the drive-thru and BOY was it spectacular. Pretty sure I need this song up on Spotify right now so I can play it on repea…oh wait nevermind.

And then we’ve got Hollywood’s favorite couple because they actually seem cool, normal, and in love: Chrissy Teigen and John Legend. They’ve been on a never-ending vacation (well, it feels never ending to those of us on social media watching their videos while at work) in Bali and after Teigen’s daily workout headbands got a lot of attention (I did tweet about this and she liked it, NBD).


So, of course Legend had to lay the beat down on this HOTD his wifey is rockin’ and people also now think he has created the best original song ever with this little jingle. The Today Show dressed up in headbands to show their appreciation for the song and celebs are also commenting on its catchiness and creativity.

How are we ever going to decide which musical tune lives past its 15 minutes of fame? Or do we make the two of them battle like Jack had to do that one time when he was on Jimmy Fallon?

If I had to choose, I think I’m picking McDonald’s girl. Legend is a legend already and I am still jealous that Chrissy Teigen looks better in a headband than I do.

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