My Quest for Bigfoot Led to Stranger Things

Whitehall, N.Y. was in the national spotlight this past week when a pedestrian driver spotted something crossing the road and hoping the guardrail that resembled Bigfoot.

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This is not the first time that the Sasquatch was reported in the area. In fact the town has embraced a Bigfoot presence and have a lot of businesses and establishments named after the creature.


After spotting the gargantuan, the motorist alerted local Bigfoot expert Paul Bartholomew and reinforced Bartholomew’s conspiracy theory that Bigfoot does in fact live in Whitehall.

Chris Churchill, of the Times Union, took the ride up to Whitehall and wrote an expose on Paul and the history of Bigfoot in Whitehall.

So I did what every investigative journalist would do. I went to Walmart, bought some camo, and took the hour and a half ride up north to find either Mr. Bartholomew or Bigfoot himself. Let’s just say that on my day trip up there I saw some stranger things.

We tried to get a hold of Paul on our way up to let him know that we were coming to avoid a situation. We had a business card with his address, but unfortunately it did not list a phone number. That was a hurdle that we had to endure, but the story had to come to fruition.

We arrived in Whitehall at just about 6:30 p.m. and our first order of business was to seek out the address written on the business card. We found the house and knocked on the door, waited for about five minutes and when no one answered the door we decided to explore other avenues in the small Adirondack town.

After going to Stewart’s to talk to the locals to see what they knew, we went to the local watering hole to ponder what we were doing with our lives. We drove an hour and a half to see a subject that wasn’t even home about a creature that may not even exist.

We decided to drive by Paul’s house on last time before leaving Whitehall without a story.

Paul greeted me at the door and invited me into his humble abode to shoot the shit about the mysterious creature and his relation to Whitehall. Luckily I was not abducted and Paul had some interesting things to show me. Watch the vid to see what happens. I can honestly say that I’m a believer that something strange is going on up in the woods.

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