If You Don’t Go to a Donna’s Italian Pop-Up, Don’t Talk to Vic or Me Ever Again

If you’re into the restaurant scene in the Capital Region and specifically in Troy, you’ve probably heard of the Vic Christopher and Heather LaVine duo who are credited (alongside many other brilliant restauranteurs and entrepreneurs) with a solid portion of Troy’s major comeback over the past few years. It seemed like everything these two touched turned to gold on Broadway and Second Street downtown, and we all assumed things would be the same when the pair opened up Donna’s Italian Restaurant up the hill on 14th Street.

But, the restaurant closed within six months despite how awesome the food, atmosphere and staff were. It was a bold move, but the owners explained in full what really went down and the realness and transparency made the sudden closing sting a little less.

I gotta say Donna’s was BANGIN’ –the menu was amazing, the wallpaper and gaudy Italian decorations were everything I could’ve ever wanted when I stepped in there on many’a winter nights with friends and family.

It was a bummer to see it come and go so quick, but now we’ve been graced with the Donna’s Italian pop-ups at Peck’s Arcade to get a little taste of what we’ve been missing out on since the doors on 14th Street shut.

At last week’s event, I caught up with Vic to see how things have been going post-Donna’s and what people can look forward to the next time they bring the red and white tablecloths back out.

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