I Talked A LOT of Shit About Bee Haters and Immediately Got Stung by a Bee

Earlier this week, in two separate social situations, I witnessed friends of mine act like complete children upon the arrival of a bee to our surroundings. So what did I do? I played it cool AF around the bee(s) and tried to teach my friends a lesson about acting like a grownup and not nearly spilling your margarita on the table all for the sake of avoiding a sting.


Listen, I understand these little insects pack a punch. But unless you’re allergic to them, chances are you will survive a bee sting if you are ever so unfortunate to get one. (Apparently only 5 percent of the population is allergic.) And I just don’t think it’s worth the mini meltdown to avoid getting stung considering 1. you’ll survive it and 2. you’ll probably just make the bee mad and increase your chances of getting stung, right?!

Well, apparently if you talk shit about the bee haters, you will also get stung by a bee which is exactly what happened to me after I made some comments to my peers about freaking out for no good reason.

I was in the car, driving and minding my own business when HOLY SHIT my finger started to hurt so bad. Dare I say it…stung? I literally had no idea what could’ve happened and I was hoping it was just a quick pinch, but then I saw the bee on my dashboard and just shook my head in disbelief.

I’ve never seen karma work so quickly in my life so honestly, I couldn’t even be that mad. When was the last time I was stung by a bee? Safe to say it could’ve been like 15 years ago and NOW, now I remember why people are so afraid.

Oh, and not to mention post-sting, the bee decided to stick around and crawled ALL OVER ME for the rest of my 20-minute car ride. Even though I know the rumor that the stinger is out once it gets ya, the feeling of its tiny little insect legs literally getting all up in my business (under my armpit at one point) was terrifying and put me into a more distracted driving state than playing Words With Friends while driving would.

Did it feel good? No. But do I still strongly believe in my position to NOT freak out around bees? Yes –because I’m alive, even though karma really did sting this time.


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