“Paw”-ternity Leave is Just Another Example of How America is Soft AF

The New York Times just wrote a story the other day about a marketing company in Minneapolis that’s offering† employees paid time off when getting a new pet –much like a paternity leave for new parents. The company is allowing its workers to stay at home for a couple of weeks with their new furry friend and get paid while doing so.

I mean it’s already soft AF because the nickname for this is “Fur-ternity” or “Paw-ternity Leave” but the concept in general just reinforces the fact that we, Americans, are also soft AF. Like not a little soft. Like really soft.

Merrick Veterinarian | East Bay Veterinary Hospital

At first when I read the story I thought it was something out of The Onion or something, but it wasn’t. It was just another reason why the Russians are laughing at us.

I do understand that that first week that you have a cat or a dog can be a traumatic time for both the pet and the owner, but is it really worthy of a week of “paw-ternity?” It’s not like you’re raising a kid after all. Kinda but like…not really.

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News like this has me wondering when people are going to start speaking out for the animals that are left out of this paw-ternity leave. Like maybe a pig or a turtle. This is just opening up the gates to people getting paid time off for outlandish things and reinforcing the “everyone gets a trophy” mentality.

Do yourself a favor. Ask your grandparents or any baby boomer on how they feel about people getting time off to raise a pet. They would laugh at you. Every generation is getting softer and softer and now so at an exponential rate. We need to reverse this trend.

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